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When looking to open or expand your own business, finding a trusted attorney is crucial to your peace of mind and having the right legal structure in place is what allows your business to thrive. Navigating the complexities of legal dealings is intimidating and when it comes to your business, your livelihood, you want to make sure everything is in place.


Gary Crews, and his law firm, have earned a reputation of excellence and is considered to be one of the top business attorneys in Tulsa. Communication, loyalty, responsiveness, and dedication are some of their core values – and they have the experience needed to help you be successful.

Business Law in Tulsa

Countless rules and requirements dictate what is needed for you to open a business anywhere. Working with an attorney that is local to Tulsa allows you to relax as they guide you through the process. With years of experience working in the Tulsa area, Gary Crews knows all the ins and outs of business law in Tulsa.


Gary Crews and his team work with businesses of all different sizes, structures, and statuses, all while taking the time to learn about your business’ priorities and goals. They work with you to create strategies that will help you succeed and become a strong partner and supporter for you going forward.

Tulsa Business Attorney

Business attorneys can provide crucial assistance in nearly every area of your business – from employee agreements to by-laws to real estate contracts, and more. By hiring a business attorney, you will save time and money while avoiding risks that could become more complicated later on.


Gary Crews not only helps you with your basic needs but goes above and beyond to support you and grow with you into the future. Don’t let stress and checklists about legal items prevent you from opening or expanding your business.


Small issues can become big problems quickly in the business world, so take the time to hire a local and experienced attorney in Gary Crews and allow him to take care of it all for you.

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Communication is essential in any working relationship and it just so happens to be a core value of Gary Crews. Meeting a client’s expectations and responding promptly are just a few of the things you can expect when choosing Gary Crews as your Tulsa business attorney.


With a reputation of excellence and uncompromising integrity, Gary Crews will guide you, support you, and help you establish a successful business here in Tulsa.


Are you ready to open a new business and need help getting it off the ground? Go to one of the most trusted business attorneys in Tulsa, Gary Crews, and schedule your consultation. If you’d like to learn more about the services he offers – such as estate planning, probate, and oil and gas, contact him today!

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Located in Tulsa, Gary W. Crews is one of the most trusted Oklahoma Probate Attorneys.

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