Why Mr. Gary Crews is one of the BEST Lawyers in the Tulsa area…

Stephen Shoemaker, North Heights Properties, LLC


My wife and I bought a house and were renting it out as a small business, when we were referred to Gary to help us determine the best legal arrangement for our new business.  Gary gave us information about the pros and cons of different alternatives, potential risks to our business, and advised us how we can best protect our assets in any type of legal dispute.  Gary recommended forming an LLC as the best option for our business and he provided all the necessary paperwork for us to complete our application and filed the required papers on our behalf.  He then met with my wife, my adult son, and myself and went over all legal aspects of doing business as an LLC.

Jeffrey Smith


I’ve worked with Gary for about 10 years now through multiple ventures. His knowledge and counsel across a wide canvas of both personal and business needs have been a blessing to lean on. In many cases it’s difficult to select a legal partner as there’s a vast pool to choose from, and most of the time it relates to our livelihood and protection of our vulnerability. My prayer was to find legal counsel with character, integrity, flexibility, with vast experience, and someone genuinely trustworthy to help me navigate the difficult journey of decision making in life and business. Gary has counseled, drafted legal documents, and been a tremendous asset to me, my family, and my business ventures. I’m fully confident that if something happened to me, Gary would do everything in his power to protect and help my family and business.

David Ritz, Healthcare consultant


Mr. Crews has provided my family legal and investment counsel for nearly 20 years. His proactive guidance reduced risks to my LLC during the national financial crisis. He consistently positions himself above partiality in representing fairness to all members of our family during estate planning. Perhaps above all, he has been present to take care of physical needs of our family during health crises over the last few years.

Charmaine Austen Robbins


It’s often during difficult times in our lives that we need an attorney. Gary has been compassionate and caring, and done a superb job whenever I have called him for assistance with our clinic. He has always explained things and walked me through the process of what would be happening. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is truly the best!

Ed Lundy, Retired Police Officer


Gary has not only been my attorney, but also a friend for many years. He has done work for me and my family including a complete estate plan for both my mother and for me. He is honest and trustworthy and will give 100% of himself to doing his clients the best job that he can.

Dorothy & Lew Davis


We moved to Tulsa several years ago and contacted Gary to review our legal papers that were completed in 1996.  Gary’s friendly manner and way of answering our questions told me we would like him for our lawyer.  As a result of our meetings, he prepared the necessary modifications and now he manages all of our oil & gas interests for us.  Recently we needed papers prepared to deal with some family health issues and Gary was the man who did it.

Mike Mount, Petroleum Engineer


I have known Gary since high school. He has helped me and members of my family with several legal matters. He did a tremendous job in helping my mother with her estate planning needs and was very flexible in working with her special needs. Gary has also helped me with various oil and gas legal issues concerning leasehold ownership. Gary is a marvelous attorney and an even better man.

Allen & Bonnie Johnson


We met with Gary to review of our Estate Plan and update all the associated documents. Our Revocable Joint Living Trust documents, Last Will & Testaments, and Health Care Power of Attorney’s for both my wife and I were reviewed and updated. We executed a Trust Amendment to incorporate changes over the past 17 years. It was a significant overhaul which included filing Quit Claim deeds on property purchased recently. Gary did a great job in getting us focused on all of the items that needed attention and getting everything current – it was far easier than expected.

Jamie Bryan, President, Enhance Home Staging


Gary recently assisted a client of mine who suddenly found an issue when trying to close a sale for her property. He calmed her with a professional reassurance, yet very honest take on her situation. Gary handled the estate and probate issues for her, allowing the sale to close as planned. His communication with the client is invaluable! Highly recommended.

Jim Consedine, President, Benefit Plan Strategies


Gary has done my legal work for over ten years, covering a variety of business and personal projects. He does a great job for me. Gary also serves as a trusted adviser to my business and is involved in all the legal aspects of the operations. I have always appreciated his thoroughness, timeliness, and solid counsel. Through the years, I have confidently recommended Gary to friends and family to have their legal needs and issues professionally handled and resolved.
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