Top Tips for Social Media Safety

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Top Tips for Social Media Safety

Most of us think of Facebook and other social media platforms as a fun pastime, a way to connect with friends and family, or even as a place to advertise our business. But did you know that certain types of social media posts can pose a threat to your online (and even real-life) safety? While it may all seem like fun and games, it is important to stay vigilant – especially in the online world! 

Don’t Answer Personal Questions

Where were you born? What was your first car? Who was your favorite teacher? These questions appear all over social media in the form of fun posts. Often viewed as a way to get to know each other, these posts pose quite a threat! 

Did these questions sound as familiar to you as they did to me? Questions like this regarding your personal history are the very same questions that are often used as security questions to verify your identity. From your Facebook login to bank accounts, simple security questions are the key that opens the virtual door. 

So, why is this important? Unfortunately, the world of social media is open to anyone – both with good intentions and bad. When you answer these personal questions in the form of a Facebook post, you are providing hackers with the information they may need to get into your account! 

Are we saying that every post like this is created to steal your personal information? Certainly not. However, it is important to be wary of potentially harmful posts such as these! 

Protect Your Family

As we mentioned previously, there are a wide variety of individuals on social media. Whether you have your social media accounts set to private or public – you are sharing your personal information with anyone who can see it. There are a few common pitfalls many of us have succumbed to when it comes to sharing on social media. 

Don’t Share Specifics 

In the light of the ‘back to school’ frenzy, we see an increase in personal information shared over the internet in the form of cute letter boards held by children on their first day of school. 

Without thinking twice, parents share their child’s school name, teacher, even hobbies and out-of-school activities! Think about how valuable this information could be in the hands of the wrong individual. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t post a photo of your child on their way back to school? Not necessarily. Instead, consider posting a photo that doesn’t share their school name (even a logo on a uniform can give it away) or specifics about their classroom or hobbies.

Post After the Fact

Are you headed out of town on a fun vacation? This is information that a burglar would love to know! To protect yourself and your home, consider posting your vacation photos once you have safely returned home. In doing so, you will allow yourself to more fully relax and enjoy your trip and, more importantly, protect yourself against the additional threat of theft.

Social media can be an incredible resource but it can also be a horrible tool in the hands of the wrong person. Think twice before you interact on the internet to protect yourself, your family, and your property!

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