Top 3 Most Procrastinated Issues

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Top 3 Most Procrastinated Issues

A wise quote by Mason Cooley states, “Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” Unfortunately, we see this quote exemplified regularly as our clients are forced to deal with the results of their loved one’s procrastination when it comes to estate planning

The top three most procrastinated issues in our society today include:

  1. Losing Weight
  2. Quitting Smoking
  3. Getting a Will


While these three issues may not seem to have much in common, they are more alike than you may think! Each of these three commonly procrastinated issues affects not only yourself but also the lives of the people you love. Although I may not be an authority on the first two topics, I can certainly speak to the third!

Procrastination in Estate Planning

Of all the probates I have filed in the past 3 years, over 75 percent of them have been intestate. This means the individual was without a Will. If you don’t have a Will upon your passing, the Oklahoma State Statutes determine how your estate will be distributed and to whom. Obviously, this is not the route any of us would choose. However, far too often, individuals procrastinate the estate planning process until it is simply too late!

I hear many reasons behind this common procrastination. Some individuals believe that they do not need an estate plan because they do not have high-value assets, others believe that they are too young for estate planning, and still others claim they do not have the time, or the funds. 

The sad reality is that we are not promised a single day! It is important to make your estate plan a priority to provide for your loved ones in the event of an untimely passing. Without a Will, your loved ones will be left with the consequences of your procrastination – making a difficult experience that much more trying.

Why Estate Planning Should Be a Priority

If you have a Will, the details in your Will determine how your estate will be distributed and to whom. This eliminates further stress, frustration, and heartbreak for your loved ones as they are working through the grief of your passing. Regardless of your age or position in life, it is important to get your estate in order. 

Many individuals believe this is a one-time event. For this reason, believe they should wait until they reach a certain stage in life. However, we can adjust your Will at any point in time if your situation or wishes change over the years. Leave the statistics behind and quit procrastinating on this very important issue! 

By making estate planning a priority, you can ensure that your wishes are fulfilled upon your passing. There is no time like the present to get your estate in order and get a Last Will & Testament or a full estate plan (Will, Power of Attorney, Revocable Trust) in place. 

Our team is ready to assist you in this important process, ensuring that it is both efficient and streamlined. Give us a call today to get started on your estate planning process!

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