Last Will and Testaments : Get Yours Today!

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Last Will and Testaments : Get Yours Today!

“But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

-Benjamin Franklin, 1789

Although everyone dies eventually, not everyone leaves a last will & testament in place. Acording to research conducted by legal resource center LexisNexis, most people don’t even know how to begin writing a will.

If you’re confused about your will, you’re not alone! Talking to an attorney who practices estate law in your state can help you avoid making mistakes on your will.

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, approximately 56 percent of American adults do not have a will or other estate plan in place. Among minorities, the numbers are higher: 68 percent of black adults and 74 percent of Hispanic adults do not have a will.

The people who choose to create wills are generally older. In the 1990s, over 90 percent of probated wills were made by someone who was 60 or older.

Americans are apparently in no rush to think about their last days – procrastination is the number 1 reason for not having a will.

You need a will or estate plan to ensure your wishes for transferring property and assets are followed, and to avoid protracted legal proceedings over the distribution of those assets.

I recently had a probate where the decedent did not have a Will. He had been estranged from his son for over 10 years. But since he died without a Will, his son inherited ½ of his estate…

Make it a priority today to get a Last Will & Testament or other estate plan in place.

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