It’s Time To Have The Talk: Planning Guardianship

It’s Time To Have The Talk: Planning Guardianship

At this point, the tables have turned and “the talk” is now the talk that you need to have with your parents and loved ones about things such as: wills, trusts and in many cases – guardianship. Let’s face it, things are not the way they used to be and the earlier we can have the talk with our parents, the better.  When, you mother and daughterask? This week….

The holidays are the perfect time to bring up such a subject while everyone is finally together. It is okay to show that you care and to take the initiative to plan.

3 Simple Things to Consider When Planning for Your Parents…

1. Remember the small things – Even if a plan is already in place, forgetting to update the plan according to changes in life can be detrimental. Discuss any changes with your loved ones and send an email to your legal advisor or planner while it is on your mind to update family information.

2. Discuss guardianship –  This is less daunting than you think. The key is to plan the logistics and the legal aspects of the agreement. This is commonly left out of wills and should be discussed before the decision has to be made in an emergency situation.

2. Be fair – While different parties may seem to know what is best, it can be hard to sort through options. The most common question is “what is the difference between the available options”. It’s okay not to know this information. Sometimes the most effective discussion is the one you finally have with your legal advisor. You may want to simply ask for a commitment to make an appointment to speak about your available options together.

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