A Gift That Leaves a Legacy

A Gift That Leaves a Legacy - grandparents - A Gift That Leaves a Legacy

A Gift That Leaves a Legacy

Interestingly enough, the word Legacy has a formal definition of a gift of property or money.  As a society, however, we refer to the definition of Legacy as a value system a person lives by and the memories that person leaves behind. When constructing your estate plan, it is important to develop a customized plan that will accomplish your goals and protect the legacy you wish to leave behind.

Melissa, the daughter of a former school teacher, recently delivered her mom’s legacy gift to a local University. She fulfilled one of her mother’s final wishes by delivering more than 600 children’s books to the reading center at the local University center. “Mom made it clear that when she passed away, she wanted family and friends to donate books instead of attending her funeral or buying flowers. Reading was part of her daily life and she wanted to share it as much as possible,” said Melissa.
Melissa’s mom had a vision for her legacy and took the time to plan the details for her donation of books to the community. She wanted to keep literacy alive within the hearts and minds of children.

How do you plan to pass along your legacy?grandparents A Gift That Leaves a Legacy - grandparents 300x105 - A Gift That Leaves a Legacy

Gary W. Crews PLLC can assist you in:
• Avoiding probate and minimizing taxes.
• Creating a plan that reflects your specific wishes, values and priorities.
• Include Options such as charitable gifts, family trusts, and many others.

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