Having Warning Signs?

Having Warning Signs? - parent - Having Warning Signs?

Having Warning Signs?

In working with clients from every walk of life, I have found a pattern with a very important question, regarding warning signs for elderly care.

Many Baby Boomers are starting to face role-reversal as they begin to care for an elderly parent.  There are very difficult challenges and decisions to make when caring for an elderly parent, elderly spouse, or a close friend.

Caregiving can also begin as a result of a series of unsettling mishaps and warning signs that indicate a need for long term senior care.

One very important question that comes from concerned loved ones is:

What are some Warning Signs that my parents may need help with their Elder Care?

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ANSWER:  Below are some warning signs that your loved one may need help with their Elder Care:

  • Erratic or inappropriate behavior changes
  • Deteriorating hygiene or appearance
  • Increasing confusion or disorientation
  • Depression with tearfulness, loss of appetite
  • Signs of insufficient nutrition, dehydration, or weight loss
  • Inability to manage money
  • Friends or neighbors express concern
  • Inability to manage medications
  • Unclean or unsafe living environment
  • Falling, lack of mobility, wandering, or significant vision or hearing difficulties
  • Wears same clothing more than two days in a row
  • Difficulty getting out of bed and preparing for the day
  • Noted changes in short term memory loss

It’s important to have a Power of Attorney in Place for your aging parents BEFORE there are indications of long term senior care needs.

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