Elder Law: How You Could Benefit

Elder Lawyer in Tulsa

Elder Law: How You Could Benefit

If you are a senior citizen or have been caring for an elderly loved one, then elder law is something that could benefit you. Elder law refers to the laws and regulations surrounding elder care. These can include wills, trusts, inheritance matters, and other legal issues related to seniors.

In this blog post, we will discuss what elder law entails and how it can help seniors in need of assistance with their affairs.

What is Elder Law?

Elder law is the branch of the legal system that applies to elder-related issues. These can include elder abuse, trusts, and estates for senior citizens, Medicaid planning options (for those who are eligible), federal benefits programs like Social Security or Medicare, long-term care insurance claims (if applicable), and elder care planning.

Elder law is different from regular family law cases. This is because elders, or senior citizens, often do not have the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. They need a court-appointed guardian or conservator appointed over their affairs.

How Elder Law Can Benefit You

Elder law can benefit you by providing peace of mind. If you are a senior citizen or elder caretaker, then elder law can provide guidance and protection for your rights in the future when making decisions about how to best take care of yourself and an elder loved one.

Elder law can protect seniors from potential abuse by giving them legal access to their affairs with the help of a court-appointed legal representative.

Elder law can also help elder caretakers by offering guidance and support through the elder care planning process. This is a crucial part of caring for an elder loved one with special needs.

In addition to protecting your rights as either a senior citizen or elder caregiver, elder law can provide important information about elder care options and elder law attorneys that can help you.

Reasons to Consult a Tulsa Elder Lawyer

There are several reasons to consult a Tulsa elder law expert when elder law matters are in question. For example, if you suspect that an elder loved one is being abused or neglected, then consulting with a Tulsa elder care attorney can help protect your loved ones from future abuse and neglect.

Another reason to consult with an elder law expert could be because of an upcoming life-changing event. This could include the death of a spouse or elder loved one. An elder law attorney can help you navigate the legal issues surrounding these events. They will protect your rights and interests, as well as those of any vulnerable senior citizen involved.

If you are a senior citizen, elder caretaker, or have any elder-related legal issues to discuss with an elder law attorney in Tulsa, then you must get the help and advice of someone who knows what they are doing.

How an Elder Law Expert Can Help You

As elder law experts, Gary Crews Law can offer valuable insights about how aging affects your rights as well as elder care planning and estate planning options.

Our elder law attorney can guide you through elder-related legal issues such as:

  • Elder Abuse
  • Elder Care Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Social Security Disability Claims
  • Medicaid Applications/Appeals
  • Wills & Trusts, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney


For more information about elder law in Tulsa or to schedule a free elder law consultation with an elder law expert at Gary Crews Law Firm, please contact us today!

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