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About Us

We are a boutique law firm with offices based in Tulsa that values the relationship with our clients. Our business knowledge and industry experience enables us to navigate the complex legal issues our clients are facing.

From inception, the firm has provided legal services and counseling that exceed the expectations of our clients. Since then, our capabilities, reputation and client base have continued to grow. The firm represents clients’ interests before numerous courts, boards and panels in litigation, arbitration, regulatory & legislative matters, business planning and implementation.

Ethics & Expertise

Our expertise enhances the problem solving process, permitting us to assemble the most appropriate resolution, while also anticipating & avoiding any additional issues. Because the firm is so diverse, complex transactions are resolved with discerning insight and managed with maximum economy.


Being involved in a legal issue can be stressful. Our genuine concern for the overall well-being of the individuals that we serve sets us apart from other firms. We get to know our clients on a personal level. We understand who they are, what their priorities are, and how they think. We treat every client as a “relationship” rather than a “case.” This approach allows us to create solutions that are uniquely suited for each client.


Meeting the client’s expectations is our number one priority. We will learn what those expectations are and formulate common sense strategies to identify practical alternatives and establish time and expense parameters before each project. We utilize the latest technologies in the legal field, and we respond quickly.


Communication is a key to our success. This begins with listening to our clients and understanding expectations – not just the desired outcome, but also time and cost restraints. As the project progresses continual updates are vital. We communicate to our clients on a regular basis about the status of their project. We want our clients to understand the nature of their legal problem as well as the available solutions. Therefore, we avoid legal jargon; we read and write in plain English.


The proof of our commitment to our clients is in the firm’s ability to keep clients for the long term. The vast majority of clients that came through our doors over the years are still our clients today. We are very proud of the fact that our client base continues to grow primarily through referrals, since this is an expression of the highest degree of trust and confidence in us.

About Gary W. Crews

Mr. Gary W. Crews, Esq. was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association in 1990 and is a sole practitioner in the general practice of law. His vast experience in the business world provides him with the tools to assist you with your real life situations. Using the latest in technology and the elaborate search engines available on the internet, Mr. Crews is able to keep up with the latest decisions and changes in the legal system.

Gary W. Crew's law firm in tulsaMr. Crews is an experienced, skilled and tenacious negotiator with the ability to structure and draft a deal that works for both parties involved. He is knowledgeable of emerging technology, thus providing the ability to assist in dealing with internet and computer related issues which are of concern to your operations.

Mr. Crews has extensive experience in administrative, operational and management aspects of companies, thereby providing the ability to consult regarding stability, direction and Mr. Crews obtained a bachelor’s degree in administration from Auburn University and a juris doctorate from the University of Tulsa.MH