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Your Experienced Oil and Gas Attorneys

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran of the gas and oil industry or if you have recently acquired interest in the industry; it is good to have knowledgeable counsel on your side. Gary W. Crews, PLLC has the expertise and experience to advise you in a very complex set of rules and regulations of the gas and oil industry.

We have experience dealing with:

  • Management of Royalty and Mineral Interests
  • Lease Negotiation and Administration
  • Operations
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Property
  • Supplier & Drilling Issues
  • Asset Transfers Lien Filing
  • Lien Foreclosure
  • Lease Litigation
  • Surface Damage Litigation
  • Landowner Disputes
  • Drilling Disputes

We represent clients before state and local agencies involving disputes of oil and gas matters, including the interpretation and enforcement of contract rights.

We help clients with the management of their oil and gas royalty and mineral interests. We negotiate, execute and manage lease agreements, collect revenue checks, pay the related operating expenses and provide monthly reports showing the activity.

Gary W. Crews, PLLC has represented clients in the energy industry for more than 20 years and we pride ourselves in staying on top of changing regulations.

Call us at (918) 493-3360 or contact us with any question or to schedule a consultation.