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After the death of a loved one, we can help guide you through the complicated probate process. Probate refers to the process of determining the validity of a will or administering an estate, which usually involves settling all outstanding debts and passing remaining property to the appropriate beneficiaries. You will have to track down all of the decedent’s assets and determine how creditors and beneficiaries will be paid. You’re not only dealing with the decedent’s property, but also the beneficiaries that would include family members and friends. This is considered a personal and family matter. It’s a big task, and it can take more than a year to get everything in order. Every state has its own rules and regulations for the probate process; that’s why it’s important to get a trusted attorney familiar with what the state has in place. Gary W. Crews, PLLC has had over 20 years experience when it comes to Oklahoma and it’s probate laws. We can help make this process easier as we guide you through the necessary actions. You don’t have to try and do it all yourself! Trust Tulsa probate attorney, Gary W. Crews, PLLC to take care of all of your probate needs.

Estate Planning

Your estate consists of your home or land and things such as bank accounts, retirement accounts, automobiles, household items, and life insurance policies. These are all assets that may be distributed through a trust or a will. Sound estate planning not only protects your financial and physical assets; it also protects your family during a time of grief and loss. Losing a loved one is difficult, and dealing with financial uncertainties while going through the probate process can feel like an unbearable burden. Your loved one’s lives could be upturned in a moment; why not do everything you can to lessen the blow?  Good estate planning will expedite the probate process and help to preserve the maximum amount of wealth for your intended beneficiaries. By establishing your estate plan, you will ensure that your legacy lives on through the generations after you. Let Tulsa estate planning attorney, Gary W. Crews, PLLC help you through the process.

Corporate & Business Law

A business and corporate law attorney can provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business. Starting a business can be overwhelming when it comes to legal and corporate dealings. You want to make sure you have the proper legal structure in place so your business can thrive. When you choose Gary W. Crews, PPLC as your business and corporate law attorney, you have a strong partner supporting you. We specialize in serving a wide array of businesses, all differing in size, structure, and status. We know that business owners appreciate the responsiveness and reliable communication; these happen to be some of our core values. It’s important to have a team around you that understands the goals and visions you have for your business. As one of the top business and probate attorneys in Tulsa, we take the time to learn your business’ priorities and goals and help form strategies that help you succeed.

Oil & Gas Attorney

Oklahoma ranks high when it comes to states that produce the most energy. Between its large source of natural gas and petroleum, Oklahoma oil and gas companies are flourishing. However, there are the continuous daunting revisions in regulations that these companies need to be aware of. The energy industry has a reputation for its constantly changing rules and regulations. If you are a veteran in Oil & Gas, then you are well aware of how difficult it can be to stay updated on the evolving industry. Gary W. Crews, PLLC has represented clients as a Tulsa Oil and Gas Attorney for more than 20 years and we pride ourselves in staying on top of changing regulations. Gary W. Crews, PLLC has the expertise and the experience to advise you in the very complex set of rules and regulations of the oil and gas industry, as well as representing you before state and local agencies when it comes to energy industry matters.

Personal Injury Cases

Dealing with injury, especially if it was due to the negligence or irresponsibility of others, can be difficult and traumatizing. You may feel like no one understands what you’re going through. You’ve been wrongfully injured and you’re racking up medical bills at no fault of your own. The law firm of Gary W. Crews, PLLC has the experience and the know-how to make sure you are compensated for your pain and suffering, as well as the medical costs you have accumulated throughout your ordeal. Insurance companies can be ruthless when it comes to giving you the compensation you need. Justice must be obtained for the party at fault. By fighting for justice, you could potentially save many others from going through the same thing you went through. Personal injury cases require an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure you win in a fair fight.

Elder Law

As you continue to age, you may become more and more aware of all the issues that affect the elderly population. Elder Law is a growing area of the legal profession specializing in issues faced by senior citizens, such as age-related health concerns, Dementia, Estate Planning, Wills, Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, or Elder Abuse. If you want to make sure you have a voice when it comes to these things, contact Gary W. Crews, PLLC today. Mr. Crews is a member of both the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Elder Law Matters Alliance. He will fight for you and make your voice heard. Working with an elder law attorney can help ensure that elderly individuals are able to maintain their financial freedom and quality of life by means of professional financial and long-term care planning.

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